Metal Free Scrunchies are back and going to be huge in 2020

These metal free hair ties use to come in different colors and sizes so that our mom could create those a variety of hairstyles for school back in the day. Well, they’re making a comeback. However, they’re even better this time – they are METAL FREE SCRUNCHIES

Scrunchies made with metals are not good for our hair. After you’ve looped the scrunchie around your section 2 or 3 times, eventually the hair will get trapped into the metal. How? Well, your hair is rubbing against the metal which causes friction. And the dead hairs that are falling from your hair will eventually get stuck there. In addition, you may notice the metal pulling on your hair strand when you’re trying to pull out your ponytail because your hair strands got trapped. Hence, no more metal scrunchies. 

They are destroying our hair bit by bit after we worked so hard to care for it. Metal-free scrunchies are just as good as the metal ones. Similarly, they come in similar sizes, colours and elasticity. They only difference is that they do not have metal to keep the two ends of the scrunchie together. It is held together by an adhesive. And it works just as well or even better than what we’re used to. 

2020 is the year of metal-free scrunchies because they’re here to serve our hair problem of always getting our hair wrapped around the scrunchie. 

Advantages of metal free scrunchies: 

1] No tangled hair on the scrunchie when these are used. After looping your hair around it for your style, then removing it – there will no hair attached or tangled unto the scrunchie.  

2] Metal-free scrunchies are safer especially if you have toddlers around. If not made properly, the metal could have scrapped your little one or even you. In addition, if it was broken, then it could have easily been swallowed by your toddlers which result in choking.

3] No more pulling against hair strands. These scrunchies can be removed in quick time from your hair. It will not pull or snag against your hair because it has no metal. Therefore, it can be rolled off freely. 

4] It comes in two different styles for versatility. You can purchase plastic, cotton or satin metal free scrunchies. In the past, you could only get them in cotton.  People have said the plastic ones are much tighter. While others have said the cotton ones are much lighter on the hair. And the satin ones, don’t crease your hair when doing ponytails. It really depends on your preference, and what you like. 

5] It is cost-effective. You would think that these scrunchies would cost an arm and a leg. They are just as affordable as they were back then. You can buy them at your local beauty supply store or even Amazon! 

Disadvantages of metal free scrunchies: 

1] The only disadvantage is that these scrunchies can pop similarly to other scrunchies although it is being held together by an adhesive after it gets worn out or damaged – it will break. But no need to worry, as they usually come in packs or pairs. So if one pops, then just use another one.

Fun Fact of Metal Free Scrunchies

When a boy wears a scrunchie given by a girl , it means he is no longer available to the other girls.


Metal free scrunchies are back and bigger than ever, with searches for the hair accessory up by 6309% as per recent Pinterest 100 report.Please click here to know more.

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