How To Be Productive in Life?Follow 10 Steps And Achieve All Your Dreams

Do you want to live the life of your dreams?Do you want to know how to be productive following 10 Tips?Read on…………

No doubt we all want every minute of the day count, every effort bear fruit and every plan be executed. We live by this and we want to achieve the best of our dreams. But there is always a drawback despite having
such a perfect plan.

We at times become too busy and we never see the results. We realize we have a mile-long list of tasks before us. Knowing that you have a lot to do is energy-draining by itself. What can you do to get a hold of that product without straining? The article will help you to get practical points that can help you have productivity without making fruitless efforts. It is about working smart not hard. How so? Read till the end to understand the 10 tips to follow your dreams.

Write The Tasks Down To The Granular Level

Write down every task be it small, or large that you have to accomplish at the end of the day. Feel free to make these tasks appear in any order within your list. There is a psychological effect of the undone list of
tasks; Unfinished duties and tasks exploit some sort of psychological energy, and cumulatively the energy drawn out of the mind , makes you more tired, distracted and your productivity level goes down.

Therefore to counter this energy-drain, have all your tasks listed down. Listing them is like taking them out of your mind and setting yourself free of a bad feeling. Put them into a system you trust, like a booklet, piece of paper or even in an electronic device.I follow something called brain dump exercise through out the day.During the course of the day , whatever comes in my mind ,I just flush it in this excel and at the end of the day , scan the list and prioritize them and put an action plan against it.

Plan Ahead

The best way to get ready is by making your mind know of these tasks and planning in advance. For example, set the materials needed for the task earlier enough. At the end of each night,before going sleep,spend atleast 10-15 mins going through the activity list and start an action plan for each of the activities.A plan will help you remain self motivated and with a positive energy because you know you will achieve it. While going through these tasks, break them into various categories.

Classify those that needs to be done faster together and those that can wait  Have the tasks broken down into simple steps and make the list look ideal by having even minute details in mind. Scanning through the list before going to sleep , makes your mind get prepared and you have the psychological advantage the next day. You wake up for a task you already know how to accomplish rather than waking up , confused and find myriads of ideas about tasks that lie ahead.

There are various ways to set the priorities and get things done.

Do The Domino and Dreaded Tasks First

A domino task is a task that marks the cornerstone of the day’s events. These are must-do tasks which you need to target first thing in the morning because if not done they will affect the smooth running of the day. Mark Twain suggested that the first thing you do each morning is to eat a frog then your whole day will be fully satisfied.Brain Tracy nicely explains the truth if this frog to accomplish the dreaded task.

If there is no domino task in your list , then think of the task that looks difficult and you feel you cannot do it.Do it as soon as you can because your mind will always tell you to postpone to the next day which never comes. As a result, you develop the habit of procrastination and your activity list keeps piling up and you fail to achieve your dream.

So when we wake up in the morning , the body is refreshed and you have the energy to handle the most dreaded task. Therefore handling it will make things easier. The rest will be a walkover. Do it as if there was no tomorrow. Remember the secret of getting ahead is getting started. Imagine the joy in accomplishing the task.

Turn Off Distractions

Emails,door knocks, phone calls, loud music, television programs, noise, and notifications from social media sites make us lose attention. They distract us from our routine and the focus. We waste time when we come back to continue with the task after distractions.Do you know you can save 142 minutes of your productive day by detoxing from social media and get highly productive?

No wonder research showed that we have 17 unproductive hours within our schedules despite being busy all along. Create a block of time and dedicate it to that task. The best thing is to put your phone at a distance or silent mode or better to swich it off. Switch off Televisions and turn the radio off. Get into a conducive environment where you wont get much noise.Get to work and the results will be the best.

Pomdoro technique is a great time management strategy to break down your task into smaller chunks which can be completed in 25 minutes.A goal of this technique is to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions on focus and flow.

Charge you batteries

The best method to get tasks done is by re-energizing yourself. When you are continuously working,  your minds gets bored by monotony and even you get physically exhausted. Take short breaks drink some water,listen to music,talk to your near and dear ones to get rejuvenated. You will be refreshed and motivated once you come back from a short break.

Delegate or Ask For Help

Sometimes time doesn’t enable us to do all the tasks within the intended timeframe. Well if that happens it is out of your control because time and tide wait for no man. Relax and just look at those tasks that you can handle. Think of the time that you have versus the amount of time estimated to do the tasks. See if you can complete the tasks. if not, delegate this to people you believe can help you handle it. Some tasks require exclusively you to handle them. So these cannot be delegated. This calls for the need to calculate those that can be delegated.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation can enable you to climb even the tallest mountains of tasks in the sense of finishing the duties. Make a goal to have some fun after the day’s activities.Have some motivational self-talk and reward yourself by making something you like.

Sports help you stay healthier. Healthier people are more productive. So to be productive look for ways to boost your energy. Jog, play football, go for a gym or take a  sport of your choice.

Wake Up Early

Make it a routine to wake up early and be the early bird that catches the worm. When you wake up early, you extend the amount of time needed for the work. Therefore at your work, you won’t rush and make mistakes. Breaks will be long enough and you will have time in the evening for rest.

Critically Think About Ways to Save Time

To achieve more you need to work smart and make the limited time count. Exercise using short cuts for your keyboard, automate repetitive commitments and make your writing brief in case you are dealing with computers and technology. Be brief and hit the nail to the point. Don’t wander. Work smart.

Learn To Say No and Do Not Multitask

Sometimes you might think that running many tasks at once will give high productivity but the opposite is the truth. We waste time , resources and energy when we do so. Do one task at a time. Keep the focus on one thing at a time. When fellow employees or anyone request us to help them or do their tasks, learn to say no in a polite language and be firm. This way you will have boosted your productivity.


High productivity boosts the economy. You are limited to what you can produce each day. Work smart.

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