Change your life by changing your thoughts and lead a better life in 2020

Ever felt like you have been stuck in a rut in your life and you are simply not able to muster the motivation to do even the simplest of tasks? Like those days where just getting up to eat or getting your laundry together seems like a nearly impossible task? Can you change your life by changing your thoughts?

The good news about this is that you are far from the only person to experience this; its very common to have days where you get stuck in a slump. The even better news is that this article will give you some ideas on how to fix it yourself. 

Our Thoughts

Although it may sound cliché, one very effective fix for it is as simple as thinking positive thoughts. Sometimes feeling down or being in a bad mood becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Once you start to feel a little down, you then start to have a negative outlook on nearly everything that happens. Then after your thoughts go south, it can make your state of mind even worse.

change your life by changing your thoughts

One way to head stop this cycle is to force yourself to think more positively. That might sound a tad too obvious, or maybe it sounds too vague to you, so allow me to go into further detail.

Instead of focusing so heavily on what is going wrong with you, try to force yourself instead to think about what is going right. Maybe today was a tough day at work, filled with endless meetings or your boss was upset with you for some absurd reason, or if you are a student perhaps you had a tough day of classes and received a low score on a recent assignment. Rather than focusing on those things, think instead about things that make you happy.You can really change your life by changing your thoughts.


A great alternative to change your life by changing your thoughts is to use positive affirmations to remind yourself about your own qualities that make you special. This can be as easy as getting up, walking to the nearest mirror, looking yourself in the eye and saying out loud or in your head “I think I am great.”

You don’t have to be more specific than that to start, just thinking or saying those words allow will start to get your mind in a better place. From there, you can start to do more things that put you in the position to think positively about your life.

If you had a tough day at work, rather than thinking about all of the things that day that went wrong, think instead about all of the things that happened recently that went really well. It’s natural for us to dwell on the negatives—even if you are not a true perfectionist, we all want to push ourselves to be the best that we possibly can in our lives.

Maintain a Journal

So, to this end, think back and even write down some things that happened recently that were great successes. It could be a project at work that you knocked out of the park or a good grade that you received recently. Starting to think about these things will force that negativity out of your head and get you feeling better.

Why is this important for you? After all, these are not groundbreaking revelations. Even if these strategies help you get out of one rut that you are currently in, the effect will snowball.

Rather than focusing on the negativity in life, emphasizing the positivity will make you more cheerful, more focused, and generally more fun to be around.

Keep doing this for a few months and you will be astounded by the results; you can truly change your life by changing your thought for the better.

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