Can you lose weight by drinking water?

Can you lose weight by drinking water? Can drinking water help lose belly fat? And the answer is yes! Yes, it is true that drinking water can help you lose weight. Ever wondered that losing weight could be that easy? We certainly do not claim that you can lose many pounds and kilos by simply drinking more water but definitely, this is an important part of the measures you need to take. It plays a major role and can certainly help you shed some of that extra pounds.

How can you lose weight by drinking water?

Firstly, water is calorie-less, so drinking more of it (I mean as a replacement to other calorie-loaded drinks) is a direct savior. When you replace water with tea, coffee, or say soda, you straight away cut down a significant section of calories from your daily routine.


Also, studies have proven that drinking some of it before eating meals leads to lesser calorie intake,curbs hunger and research also says that many people found eating more carefully easier after having some water before the meal (really, that’s possible!).

It also boosts your digestion and any other cellular activity happening inside your body for that matter. Because every cellular activity taking place inside your body requires the use of water. Your body is 60% water. Thus, drinking a sufficient amount of water results in the smooth functioning of the body.

can you lose weight by drinking water

It is also found through researches that drinking water can make you burn more calories! Yes, the resting energy expenditure is found to increase by 20-30% for about an hour. Isn’t this super easy? And the results have been found better with cold water.

If you are asking yourself the question that how much water to drink to lose weight in 3 days or even drinking water to lose weight in a week, then you must understand that this technique gives results in few weeks and 3 days or a week are just not enough.

How much water to drink to lose weight?

So, the next question that arises is this. How much water should I drink? And the answer is that there is no fixed amount. The required amount of water is different for everybody. It depends on various factors. Majorly-

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Activity Level
  4. Place where you live

For example, a heavier person would generally need more water than a lean one. And if you are involved in physical activity more than that of an average person you would need more water. Also, if you live in a hot place or if it is summers you would need more water. The required amount is even more if you are sweating.

So, the question stays. But webmd says a good rule of thumb is to drink about an ounce or half an ounce for every pound you weigh, every day. For example, a 130 pound person would need water from 65 to 130 ounces of water every day. The factors given above can give you an idea of where you lie in the range of 65 to 130.

And there is a quick check on how to determine whether you are taking in the right amount of water. Simply, take a look at the bowl after you pee. If the water is clear or light-yellow and the odor is mild, you are on the right track!

How to ensure you are drinking the required amount of water?

So, by now we know that having water is important but taking that in daily and regularly is important. You really do not want to discontinue this habit after a day or a week.

So, here are a few habits you can incorporate in your daily life to ensure that you take the right amount of water every day and that it gets naturally incorporated in your routine.

  1. Keep a bottle of water with you and fill it as soon as it gets empty. This will also give you a vague idea of how much water you are drinking.
  2. Keep a glass of water or this bottle at your work table.
  3. Also, keep the same near your bed. It is really important to hydrate your brain and body as a whole once you wake up in the morning. The long period of sleeping hours demands hydration once you wake up. People are also accepting Japanese water therapy for weight loss, which suggests drinking 4-5 glasses of water just after waking up.
  4. Make it a point to drink at least one glass water in a meal. It is better if you drink most of it before the meal and half glass or little less than that during it.
  5. Make sure to take your bottle with you at your gym or whatever physical activity you do.
  6. Take more of a water-rich diet. Like curries, soups, and berries and melons in fruits.
  7. If possible set alarms for drinking water during the day and drink one glass at a time. Remove the alarms once you make a habit of doing so.
  8. Also, try replacing atleast one of your coffee/tea/soda of the day with water. It is difficult in the beginning but really healthy in the long run.

Side effects? Can drinking water be harmful?

As goes the saying, excess of everything is bad. An appropriate amount of water intake is good and healthy but if done in excess, it will not assist in weight loss rather can even make you ill.

Intake of excessive amounts of water will only end you up in loo for the rest of the day. It does not have any weight loss qualities. But if too much excess is done it can lead to water toxicity, which has also lead to deaths.

So, drink the right amounts of water and reap its healthy benefits and save yourself from an excess of any kind.

Conclusion- Water and Weight Loss

So, finally summarizing the question on how can you lose weight by drinking water , we can say that find out the right amount of water required for your body and you can inch yourself closer to that ideal weight of your dreams. Also, you can definitely try drinking water to lose weight faster.

It will not only make you slim but also help you maintain your weight. It will keep your metabolism in good shape and you can reap additional benefits of glowing healthy skin, healthy kidneys, improved brain performance, and regulated blood pressure. The benefits are many and the task simple- drink more water. We hope we were able to impart some useful information and if you found the article useful, then please let us know in the comment section below.

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