12 Awesome Benefits From Yoga

Learn The 12 Awesome Benefits From Yoga To Rejuvenate Your Health

We all should have a fitness regime as it helps us to stay fit, healthy and energetic. However, it is not easy for one to select the type of exercise amidst a myriad of fitness programs available, such as Aerobics,
martial arts, Tai Chi, zumba, and yoga. You can have a fit body and a better health with all these programs but with yoga you can get an overall improvement of your every parts of the body. In this post we are going to talk about yoga and its benefits. 

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What is Yoga and How You Can Get 12 Awesome Benefits?

Often, yoga is known as a performance of few asanas (poses); although, it is more than that. Yoga is a great system that helps people to balance their inner self like mental, physical, spiritual and social . It is a low-impact exercise helping practitioners to gain inner peace. Unlike other workouts, yoga does not just focus on one part of the body, it in fact, brings unison of mind, body, breathe, and soul. 

Yoga is derived from Sanskrit root “Yuj”, daily practice of which help us connect with ourselves at a subconscious level. It not only helps us to have flexible, toned, and healthy body, but also we can gain inner peace with yoga. Each asana that we perform while practicing yoga activates our brain, bones, muscles, and emotions all at once. Daily practice of yoga brings a holistic change, enabling us to lead a balanced and more fulfilling life. Whether you want to lose weight, develop a strong body or want to have a peaceful state of mind, yoga is all you need.  

Types of Yoga Which Will Give You 12 Awesome Benefits

  1. Vinyasa Yoga. 
  2. Ashtanga Yoga or “eight limbs”
  3. Iyengar Yoga. 
  4. Bikram Yoga.
  5. Jivamukti Yoga. 
  6. Power Yoga.
  7. Sivananda Yoga. 
  8. Yin Yoga.

awesom benefits from yoga
Purpose of Yoga and 12 Awesome Benefits

Practicing yoga regularly not only helps us to have a healthy body, but it also helps us to deal with our stress, anxieties and worries. Besides, yoga helps us have improved respiration, flexible body, muscles, energy and positivism. Also, regular practice of yoga can help one to go within and understand himself better, help him understand the goals of his life and develop a relationship with the almighty. 

Benefits of yoga are plentiful, some of them are: 

1.Practicing yoga regularly can help you have a healthy body and peaceful mind.

 2.It helps you have a healthier lifestyle by naturally drifting you towards more organic, whole meal, and less fatty foods. 

3.Daily practice of yoga brings tranquility, mental relaxation,discipline and happiness in our lives.

4. It helps us to get rid of our ego and be kind, which further allow us to forge healthier and stronger relationships with people we are connected to in our lives.  

5.Regular practice of yoga can help in keeping our body balanced and get rid of health issues from imbalanced doshas. 

6. Of course, for practicing yoga you have to be regular which will make you disciplined in life.

7. With regular practice of yoga you can learn to check your mind for ‘citta vriddhis’ or wasted thoughts, and can replace them with positive thoughts and have a calm mind. 

8. Yoga is often followed by pranayama (breathing techniques), daily practice of pranayama channelize energy on the left and right side of the body. 

9. Doing yoga daily keeps us healthy. Practicing yoga regularly strengthens muscles, helps with insomnia, helps lower blood pressure, and eventually keeps you positive and lets you lead a happy life. Practicing vinyasa releases endorphins which makes one happy, also called happy hormones. A study found that human beings over 40 years of age who practiced yoga for five years had a lower blood pressure and pulse rate than those who didn’t .

10. We are in the era of pressure and stress which ultimately ruin our relationships. But regular practice of yoga frees our mind so that we can easily communicate with others in a better way, relate with them, and lead a peaceful life. 

11.Stress and pressure ultimately leads to depression which is so common these days. However, practicing pranayama ,meditation and yoga helps us to get rid of these stress and eventually calms our mind. Yoga when done along with relaxation techniques reduces the force with which our heart beats and help the mind to relax. 

12.Yoga balances chakras. Yes, poses like shoulder stand (sarvangasana), bridge pose (setu bandhasana) or plough (halasana), can help one to have his Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra open. While, asanas like warrior pose (virabhadrasana) allows opening up of manipura chakra or solar plexus chakra. And inversions such as headstand (sirsasana) or the downward dog (adho mukha svanasana) can even help you to open up your seventh chakra sahasrara chakra. Believe it or not, a person with balanced chakras attains inner peace and leads a happy, healthy
and peaceful life.

Yoga is gaining popularity every year and with all age groups.Please read some yoga statistics for 2020.

So, instead of spending unlimited time on social media if you spent time on yoga, you will stay healthy, happy, peaceful, and blissful!!

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