5 Simple Steps For Future Self Journaling

The idea of future self journaling is influenced by the number of thoughts that come to our mind. It is considered by experts that an average day gives rise to 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts. However, we are not aware of many of these thoughts because we are busy in our present moment. And, nearly 75% of thoughts are regarding past or future.

These thoughts happen in our subconscious mind. Most of these thoughts do not get to materialize because they are not capable of passing through the filter of our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind protects us from those thoughts that may cause us to worry about the future or feel depressed for our past. There are many things we want to determine about our future as well as there are many decisions or occurrences of our past that are unpleasant.

Importance of Future Self Journaling

Our genes are designed to primarily focus on the present rather than focusing on the past or future. The result of this is that we think subconsciously more than we think consciously. But, many thoughts are triggered either for our safety or our improvement. The idea of future self journaling is all about recording these thoughts so we can benefit from them.

future self journaling

Let us look at this example; we are hurrying down the street to reach office on time when we see something intriguing in the very pricey store. We will fathom a second’s thought of purchasing it somehow or someday, but we completely forget about it as soon as we are at our desk doing our work. But, the thought of purchasing it somehow or someday is processed through our conscious mind to the subconscious mind. And, these thought is causing the subconscious mind to work on several aspects through which we can purchase that intimating thing.

future self journaling

It will come up with a potent idea, but the conscious mind is busy in the present moment. So, the opportunity to materialize the idea is completely lost. But, if we start keeping a journal of thoughts we had in a day, then we can access that idea which is being prepared by the subconscious mind to trash away. And, as soon as we access the idea, we can note it down to our journal to benefit from it later. In this way, we are never short of ideas that came in the form of thought and improve our life.

Science Behind Future Self Journaling

There are two sides of our brain. One is the right hemisphere and the other is the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere works for analytic thoughts, logic, language, reasoning, etc. These functions are vital for our day to day life and, the left hemisphere is wonderful in its functioning. Nevertheless, the right hemisphere works for creativity, intuition, insightfulness, etc. And, when we start to future self journaling, the right hemisphere works at its best by proposing all the bizarre ideas to our awareness without being interrupted by the left hemisphere.

The creative part of the brain works to search for options to fulfill our wishes or overcome any hindrances. This helps us to overcome mental blocks and limiting beliefs that grasp us in a destructive pattern. In easy words, future self journaling will encourage you to understand your limitless capabilities.


Future self journaling helps your brain’s both hemispheres to work as partners. In this way, the conscious mind gets trained to account for ideas and thoughts coming from the subconscious mind. And, all these creative ideas are easily bounced back when you start future self journaling for the day. And, future self journaling is considered healthy because nothing destructive will be grasped back and you will be able to feel more confident.

Besides, you will be able to picture yourself the way you want to be in the future. And, regular scribbling will help you to be what you aspire to be without any frustration, procrastination, or burden. Let’s say, you want to be a successful businessperson but right now you are working small jobs to make ends meet.

Future self journaling will give you creative ideas through which you will get to recognize your interest in the kind of business you want to get involved in, its practical implementation and, finding investors to start your own business. The effects of future self journaling might be unseen from the very first day but by practicing it regularly, one might certainly achieve things that seem unachievable at first.

Final Words

The future self journaling is not an idea only. It is an effective way completely based on science. Future self journaling increases our reach to those parts of the immensely capable brain to resolve any issue that we experience.

In addition, it increases the exchange of thoughts between both the hemispheres of the brain, which results in more concrete and practical ways of accomplishing something that seems impossible. Moreover, there are several health benefits also. It removes the blockages that are holding you back. Future self journaling reduces the number of negative thoughts and increases the number of constructive thoughts. Also, it might help you to get rid of grudges, depressing thoughts, and give you more control over your life.

It could increase your focus on everyday life and provide with creative solutions for difficult situations. It is also an effective tool to come out from the loop of destructive habits. Future self journaling allows you to be more self-aware and develop resistance against everyday troubles. And, it could be your breakthrough to be what you are meant to be.

If you want my advice, I will tell you first start with something you want to change about yourself, something you think is holding you back from being your best self or causing you any kind of problems. That is be aware of yourself more!

Write down on a piece of paper , diary or notepad of your laptop or mobile phone on areas which is holding yourself back to reach the zenith.

  • How do you want to see yourself in next 5,10,20 years?
  • What all behaviors,habits you need to change in order to achieve the above milestones?
  • What all actions you need to take to get rid of those destructive habits you have identified?
  • What are my daily affirmations?
  • What am I grateful for?

There it is and you’ll get started. Once you start , you will be super charged with positive energy to write the perfect script of your future. More you write , more creative juices will circulate in your brain and inspire you to take actions for a better future. Research states that more you write , more you connect with your brain and take positive action.

So what are you waiting for?Take ACTION Now.

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